At Dijital Majik, our goal is help you and your business through the everyday hassle of evolving technology. From planning and maintenance, Dijital Majik will be there to assist you today and in the future.

After all,

It's A Dijital Majik World, Live In It!

Stay ahead of the game

Whether you're a business person running complex spreadsheets or a hardcore gamer, you can always rely on us to equip you with the best hardware.

Is the data in your PC safe?

Even as virus writers keep getting smarter, you can have peace of mind with latest anti-virus and malware updates. Ask us for help!

Have you lost important data?

There's still hope. Even when it's not visible to you on the computer display, your critical data could still be there and can be recovered. Call us without delay!

Does your PC still run Windows® XP or Windows® Vista?

If you answered "Yes!", then it's time for an upgrade.
That's because Microsoft® no longer supports Windows® XP and Microsoft®'s support for Windows® Vista offiailly ends on April 11th of 2017. In other words, no more security updates.

Not only does this make your PC more vulnerable to computer viruses and malware, soon you'll no longer be able to use the latest software such as web browsers, office, or even computer games and you'll no longer be able to use the latest hardware such as cameras and printers on your Windows® XP or Windows® Vista PC.

So what are you waiting for? We're here to help!

No Appointment Necessary

Computer repairs are handled on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you get your computer in, the sooner our technicians can diagnosis and fix your computer's health.

What these awesome people have to say!

I have been buying my computers from Dijital Majik since they opened in 2003, computers for myself and for my business. And they have done all the service if I have needed any. They know what they are doi... Read More

Phil Schloss


Dijital Majik is a reliable place to have your computer repaired or updated. They are reasonably priced. I trust them with my computer.

Barb H.